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UTI has a multidisciplinary staff who holds degrees from various Egyptian,
European and North American institutions and has a recognised professional
experience in Egypt and other developing countries. UTI staff has worked in
several research, advisory services and architectural and urban development
Training activities at UTI are supported by a team of supporting staff with solid
experience in project finance, budgeting, secretarial management and organization
of conferences, workshops, training and expert group meetings.
The headquarters of UTI is situated in the premises of HBRC. It has two large training rooms with a capacity of 25 participants
each, a specialized library with nearly 1200 publication, office spaces, a meeting room, a GIS laboratory for 18 trainers and is
provided with a large parking area. The training rooms are provided with an excellent standard of furniture including pull-down
screens, data show, video and Television system, slide and overhead projectors. Furthermore, UTI can make use of HBRC’s two
meeting halls, three lecture rooms with a capacity of 20 participants each, and the main conference hall with a capacity of 600
persons. The conference hall is provided with all equipments required for sound, video and simultaneous translation.
Human Resources
Facilities and Logistical Support
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