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The Urban Training Institute - UTI is a quasi-private organisation affiliated to the Housing and Building National Research
Centre- (HBRC). HBRC is a national governmental research establishment which was founded in 1954. It is subordinated
to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities. HBRC performs a leading role in enhancing the performance
of housing & building sector through scientific research, consultations and training for the purpose of improving the living
and environmental conditions of cities in Egypt & Middle East.

UTI has become training and capacity building institution specialised in post-graduate and tailor-made training, policy
research and technical advisory services. It focuses on urban management & planning, housing & real estate development
policies, informal settlements upgrading and urban renewal, urban environmental planning & management, urban
infrastructure project management and urban finance. UTI provides tailor-made and specialized training to professionals,
technical cadre and policy makers working in central and local government agencies, NGO’s, private sector and educational

The regional focus of UTI activities is based on the principle of comparative advantage and partnerships with local and
regional institutions that help in building better cities and sustainable urban development in the Middle East. UTI tries to
achieve this goal by combining institution building, specialised training, policy research and technical assistance to various
sub-levels of government as well as to organisations from the private, community and education sectors.