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A broad training strategy is behind the philosophy of UTI. The primary objective is to enhance skill and effectiveness of
individuals- professionals and practitioners from governmental and non-governmental organisations, and educational
institutions - who are directly involved in planning, design, implementation and management of urban development
programs and projects. At this stage UTI training focuses on individual skill enhancement.

At later stage, institutional and organisational performance of governmental institutions is dealt with during the training
programs. It becomes possible to address organisational performance and institutional responsiveness through the
design of tailor-made programs which address more effectively the needs of specific local organisations and their staff.
This means in practice the linkage between training, on-the-job technical assistance and institutional- organisational
restructuring. Only then, the impact of training on institutional reform and organisational performance can be properly

From December 1997 till now, more than 7000 professionals (from different disciplines) have attended training
programs at UTI.