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The Urban Training Institute - UTI is a quasi-private organisation affiliated to the Housing and Building National Research
Centre- (HBRC). HBRC is a national governmental research establishment which was founded in 1954. It is subordinated
to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities. HBRC performs a leading role in enhancing the performance
of housing & building sector through scientific research, consultations and training for the purpose of improving the living
and environmental conditions of cities in Egypt & Middle East.

UTI three main streams of activities are Training, Research and Advisory Services as they are inter-connected. Beside
academic research, UTI carries out a series of case-study and issue-focused research that aims at the development of
training support materials based on Egyptian experiences. Research is geared to institutional analysis and the assessment of
government policy effectiveness and implementation impacts, while the advisory services provide the practical experience,
which adds to the solution-geared approach of the training.